Creating Inclusive Recruiting Practices

We wanted to share some resources* that encourage inclusive and equitable working environments. Please review our compilation of resources, promising practices, and information for suggestions on how you can attract diverse talent, create a more inclusive workplace, and retain and empower all individuals.

The Career Center is constantly learning about new ways to improve and evolve our own practices and services. We would love to hear from you! Do you have inclusive practice success stories, strategies, challenges, ideas to share? Email [email protected]

*Please note that these resources are a work-in-progress, and there are many additional strategies for doing the same type of work.

Support Student Success Early

Promising practice shows prioritizing relationship building with underrepresented groups and proactively connecting early in students’ college careers helps to diversify and retain your workforce and builds networks from which to potentially hire.

Ways to support students’ career development include:

Create an Equitable Recruitment and Hiring Process

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Write an Inclusive Job Description

A well-written, inclusive job description can increase diversity in your applicant pool. 

Remove Hiring Bias

We all have biases. By recognizing conscious and unconscious biases you take a critical step to ensuring an equitable hiring process and give opportunities to all to contribute to the organization. 

Advertise Openings in Various Places

Advertising opportunities in a wide variety of ways is a great way to promote your opportunities to a more diverse audience. 

  • Post opportunities to Handshake, the University of Minnesota’s no-charge, job & internship posting database to reach all 5 UMN campuses’ students and alumni.
  • Research & post to diverse posting sites for your industry.
  • Share job announcements with diverse community groups.

Promote DEI Efforts in your Employer Brand

Working for employers that promote and support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts is important to students. Promote your brand by:

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