Employment References

Employers can ask for references at different points during the search process (i.e. with the application, during the interview process, etc.). We recommend having your references ready to go before applying for positions.

  • Ask 3-5 people who can speak positively to your skills, qualities, and work ethic. These individuals may be supervisors, faculty or staff members, coaches, and/or professional colleagues. Ask people to serve as references prior to submitting their information with an application.
  • Include: names, titles, business and email addresses and telephone numbers of people who have agreed to serve as your references.
  • Inquire if there is anything your references need from you (i.e. copy of resume, career goals, where you’re applying, etc.) in order to serve as your reference.
  • Keep your references up-to-date about your search progress, especially if you are interviewing with organizations. 
  • Prepare a document separate from your resume that lists each of your references. You may have to fill out this information in an application or submit the document as an attachment.